Hello vogue mama

Hello Vogue mama







So, I guess now is as a good time as ever to start documenting what is set to be a life changer of a year for me, Big D & Paddy the pooch! It all started with a blue line and now we’re two weeks away from becoming parents to little pea. I have wanted to start my mama loves vogue blog for a while and am kicking myself for not doing so but what gave me the kick up the ass to get started is all the notes I jot down about things I see, or stuff I need to get, or books that I must read…..and then I go and lose that bit of paper! It drove me crazy as my memory is so bad! So I’m hoping by blogging I can keep track on life’s up and downs, twists, turns and treasure finds and we can look back at a later date and say “we really have got this far.”

I hope that my friends and family who I don’t get to see all that often can use this blog as a way of staying in my life when it’s near damn impossible to meet being squillions of miles away (you know who you are!)

So I hope you enjoy what you read and see and that whatever lies ahead we can share it with you!

Peace & love,
Vogue mama


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