Our journey so far

Journey so far








Where on earth does time go?  I can’t believe that baba is due to arrive next weekend (and am only having a baby shower tomorrow – sorry about dodgy bathroom pic- me at 38 weeks pregnant.)

It’s still hard to believe that there is going to be a little one puking up all over my new yummy mummy wardrobe any day now….For me, pregnancy has been smooth and straight forward and for that I feel blessed and I hate to say it because I never thought I would but I have enjoyed every day of it (no smugness intended and apart from the time in Zara when I couldnt squeeze into a beautiful dress-oh well.)

Because belive me when I say it children had never even entered Big D’s or my thoughts and you couldnt really call me the maternal type (I can remember holding a baby like once before!) So after shocking all our friends and family with the news there was one thing I was certain about and that was that I wasnt going to change…much!

I was petrified that all my friends would treat me different as you can’t be a prosecco swigging party girl when there is a little one growing inside of you! But they havent thank goodness!

So instead of changing my life compeltely I just made some minor adaptions and you know what so far so good!

I’ve stuck to yoga (swapping to pre natal yoga in the last few weeks or so). I walk instead of run at least 5 miles a day (thanks to Paddy the Pooch) and i’ve tried hard not to indulge in naughty food (even if there are chocolate hob nob crumbs on the keyboard as I type) and I’ve never felt better!

I think all the above has fended off the rollercoaster of pregnancy hormones as I’ve made sure not to get bogged down/petrified by all the gory or negative information that is out there about birth, babies and beyond. I’ve worked hard to keep a positive outlook but  that’s not to say I’m being nieve I know its going to be a life changer of a year but I’m hoping me and Big D can stick to our laid back attitude we have with life already.

So I guess I just wanted to write this post as a way of remembering how I felt when time was still my own and I could read Vogue uninterupted…..

From a very lucky vogue mama



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