Don’t call it a baby shower!

Do not call this a baby shower!







A week to go…. fancy organizing a lunch for our nearest & dearest? Why the heck not!!

As I’m not one for the down right girly tradition of a baby shower, Big D and I decided to host a casual baby luncheon instead at the Camp & Furnace in Liverpool.  Its a fab venue, with lots going on- we ended up dining in the middle of an arts & craft fair with some superb live music – it may not be to every ones tastes, but for us, it was a perfect setting for how we wished to spend our Saturday afternoon with our close friends.

I must say a big thank you to every one that managed to make it and especially to those of you that showered baba and me with gifts (my sisters package couldn’t have arrived on a better day-thanks sis!)

Gifts glorious gifts

The only down side was that I always forget to take pictures (so have made Big D & I promise to make a conscious effort in taking more pics- even if they are just iphone snaps- memories need to be treasured!)  Good job I literally forced everyone to write a little something in our baby memoir book which was a fab idea (thanks me) as it was lovely to sit down with a cup of tea and read them when we got home.



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