The past seven days

The past seven days






Hurrah we made it through the week! Our lives have been turned on their heads and have changed for ever (which I did have a sob over- I’m a Tauren I react strangely to change!)

The days have been hectic and somewhat of a blur but this is what has happened in the past week: sleep (for Ralph not me), feeding, feeding and even more feeding, Skype chats with the family, visits from beautiful friends, leaking, cord dropping off (and yep i’ve kept it!), venturing out with Paddy the pooch, taking the new wheels for a spin,

The past seven days

The past seven days








(Ralph is in there somewhere promise!), going to a restaurant for lunch to celebrate getting through our first week as a family (Ralph slept the whole time-phew!),

The past seven days








nappy changes galore, laughing a lot and appreciating that I have such an amazing partner to share all these new experiences with- I feel very lucky right now.

Love vogue mama



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