Let there be cake!

Let there be cake








There is something about the change in seasons that makes me look at my cooking a little differently. Even though here in Liverpool it still feels and looks like the depths of winter something is telling me that spring is just around the corner (well hopefully.)

I tend to enjoy baking lighter, fruitier cakes in the spring months rather than the gooey chocolate based recipes that see me through the winter.

So for me, nothing says ‘spring’ more than a beautiful sharp lemon cake- maybe because lemons remind me of a family holiday in North Africa  where my sister and I would go and fill our socks with the fallen lemons from around the pool and chase each other swinging lemon filled socks around our heads like shrieking banchees!)

I’m a huge lover of the classic English lemon drizzle cake-yum yum!! But I came across this lemon polenta cake recipe and was completely blown away (and so was Big D- I had to re bake the cake as he had finished it off before I could get a snap of it.)

Let there be cake






(Tried baking with polenta for the first time and was impressed with the texture it provided- great if you’re gluten free)

Let there be cake






(There is nothing better than beating a cake mixture by hand. You get to work on toning up your arm muscles then you can reward yourself by licking the spoon afterwards!)

Let there be cake






(Off to the oven for 40 minutes.  I suggest serving with a lovely cup of tea.)


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