Who needs sleep?

Who needs sleep?






Who needs sleep anyhow?! That’s what I was asking myself whilst nursing Ralph last night (eventually getting some sleep at 6am.) No one really discusses the downside to breast feeding- don’t get me wrong I’m so happy that we’re able too- but jeez it’s tough!!!

The cluster feeding, different and sometimes just confusing advice, dismissive midwives, uncertainty of ‘doing it right’, feeling like a milk machine, lots of solo night feeding, constant anxiety/guilt if you leave you’re baby for longer than 15 minutes in case he decides to wake up and he’s feeling peckish (which happened this week when I took Paddy the pooch for a walk)….

And it’s not just for mamas; Big D has been left feeling helpless when all baby wants to do is feed (which is timed perfectly for when he gets home from work and can last way into the night).  I guess the daddy’s kind of get overlooked in the first few weeks so I would like to say a big thank you to Big D for being there when I’ve needed absolutely anything and especially for the morning cups of tea…



One thought on “Who needs sleep?

  1. Hey honey,thats whatlife with a baby is all about. Daddy feels helpless because your doing all the hard work feeding. It alls get better trust me, never let the midwives tellyou how to run your life…. you know bestfor your baby. If he gets hungrier and hungrier put hom on formula theres no harm in it. You must try to sleep in day when he is asleep hun too. Love to you all xxx

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