Where’d you go glowing skin?

Where’d you go glowing skin that is the question. Goodbye radiant, blemish free skin hello yuckyness! You would think Mother Nature would be kind to a fellow sister after giving birth but no a yummy mummy it seems, has to take it into her own (ridiculously dry and sore) hands- Who needed all that extra oestrogen anyhow?!

Off I went in search of the Eau Thermale Avene range I had been reading about (models swear that the spring water spray keeps their skin looking fabulous during fashion weeks) and if it’s good enough for them its good enough for me…..and what’s better is that this French brand wont break the bank- I purchased the full range for around £20 from Boots.

Where'd you go glowing skin? where'd you go glowing skin? where'd you go glowing skin?


So, it’s been a couple of weeks of using the complete Cleanance range and I have to say so far so good- I mean, it hasn’t worked miracles and the blemishes that were already in the making still made an appearance but my skin is starting to get some kind of glow back (even before applying Clarins beauty flash balm which should be in every new mama’s make up kit!)



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