My day….

As a new mama I still like to think that nothing much has changed and that I can do the things I did before darling Ralph came….what was I thinking see you later old life!!!

Old me: When I make plans I always try to be on time especially for lunch dates with lovely friends….

New, not so yummy me: Just as we're about to leave the house Ralph decides he fancies lunch early so end up running an hour late (and Ralph has decided to accessorise me with a little baby sick to finish off my look!)

Old me: Enjoy a very long girly lunch, have a good old catch up and gossip, unwind and relax probably with a glass of wine or two.

New me: Say a super quick hello, choose the first thing that catches your eye and hope it arrives quickly as there is stirring coming from the Stokke pram…..Ralph decides he isn't too keen on the Carluccio's vibe and isn't afraid to let everyone know it!! However, I must say that the staff were very sympathetic and from what food I did get to sample was lush (in between trying to fathom what was making the little fella so upset and trying not to catch fellow diners eyes! I was now the person I used to get cross at when lunching with the girls in a past life….the shame!!)

(Would love my kitchen shelves to look like the display in Carluccio's)

Old me: Decide to work off lunch with a bit of retail therapy…

New me: I just can't figure it out! How do mummy's keep it so yummy when shopping with a pram? I think I got stuck in between rails of clothes a million times! After 5 minutes of dodging shoppers in Zara I admitted defeat and left empty handed…My purse and Big D are happy…my non existent yummy wardrobe is not so happy… Thank goodness for online shopping!



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