Black Banana ice cream

I love ice-cream! It can be any flavour, straight from the tub or home made-I can’t get enough of the stuff (even though I do have to be strict with myself and in most cases opt for frozen yoghurt when stocking up the freezer-boo to the calories!!). So you can imagine my joy when I saw this recipe on Masterchef Australia and was surprised that you only needed one ingredient: super duper ripe bananas – I’m talking the ones you find underneath all the other fruit in the bowl and are about to throw away – yep the yucky black ones!

All you need to do is peel off the skin and pop them in the freezer until needed. Whizz the frozen bananas in a blender and serve immediately.
Et voila super healthy ice-cream…but be quick it melts in a blink of an eye hence the awful picture but rest assured it tastes a lot better than it looks!!!

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