And relax….

The art of doing nothing…in theory so simple but for me, practically impossible! For 6 weeks I have been going full throttle, keeping as busy as possible on minimal sleep because if I stopped, a guilty feeling would wash over me like I should be doing something productive and not be sat watching real housewives of wherever! (So addictive!). The result: a tired, grumpy, ready to erupt like a volcano me! I was a horror to be around even paddy the pooch would spend most of his day avoiding me!

So to restore calm and serenity back into our home (and for Big D's sanity) I've spent the past couple of days doing nothing at all. Well I say nothing- I've done an awful lot of tea drinking in yoga clothes (with no intention of yoga-ing), catching up with my fave blogs, picking up a good read (The five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom) and plenty of Internet scouring for foodie ideas to try! It's amazing how much better you feel when you take the pressure off yourself.

I didn't want to post pics of me working a scruffy mummy look so here is Ralph checking out his new accessories…wrist rattles from Lamaze (action shots taken really quickly on the iPhone!)



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