Skinny peanut butter fudge brownies

When the weather is as atrocious as it has been recently (oh the joys of living in Liverpool!) i like nothing better than to spend time in the kitchen trying out ideas and recipes that I've collected for a rainy day!

What's even better is when I stumble across recipes that have a hint of healthy sneaked in somewhere amongst the honey and cocoa- but more about that later because first we need to discuss peanut butter in all it's glorious form- personally I'm a crunchy Skippy kinda girl that was until I came across a recipe for home made peanut butter and now I vow never to buy the shop bought stuff again! (Sorry Skippy.)


All you need is a big bag of peanuts throw into either a blender/ food processor and keep whizzing until you get the desired outcome (as I like it crunchy I stopped the mixing a little earlier, obviously you keep going if your a smoothie.) See you laters added oil!

I think it will keep in a jar in the fridge for a couple of weeks or so but I used it straight away to make these delicious beauties….

Say hello to 'skinny peanut butter fudge brownies'!! I got the recipe from Sally's baking addiction; I can't wait to try out more of her 'skinny jean friendly' recipes- a girls gotta have a little indulgence now and again hey?! But If like me you hate spending ages working out US to UK measurements I suggest you get yourself some measuring cups. I got mine here.

They are healthier than your regular brownie as they contain no butter or flour (using greek yoghurt NOT greek style and rolled oats instead) and I replaced white sugar with a combo of honey and brown sugar but as Big D pointed out to me….”they're not exactly diet food are they?” Which of course I ignored as I enjoyed the fudgey piece of heaven….




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