Australia’s calling…..

I really should be loving life right now. Two weeks ago we received the news we had been waiting rather impatiently for….we now have our visas to move permanently to WA Australia! Of course im excited but I'm also a mixed bag of anxiety, stress and i'm constantly thinking OH MY WHAT ARE WE DOING??! ARE WE INSANE?!?

But where to start?! Big D and I have given ourselves a goal to be over in Perth by September this year, October at the very latest so in the space of 4 months we need to do a lot! We both know that moving to the other side of the world will be a tough challenge. Ralph is the first grandchild for my family and I know it will be heartbreaking when the day comes to say goodbye to our family and friends, but in the long run we will be giving him, and ourselves, such a better standard of living (plus we are kinda hoping he becomes a super surfing pro!)

I recently came across this saying ” don't worry just do!” and that is exactly how I am starting to feel. I hate feeling out of control and have let myself become overwhelmed by the unknown, plus it's the perfect opportunity to create the list to end all lists!! (Who doesn't love creating a list?!)

So for the next couple of weeks we will be spending packing up our home and probably throwing a lot out that has somehow managed to creep up into the loft (why do we put things in the loft 'just incase'?!?!)

We have had such great memories in our home and I know we will be sad to say goodbye.

Boxes, bubble wrap and gaffe tape at the ready!!





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