Summer solstice

It's officially summer and for us, it will be our last summer here in the UK for a very long time. So here is my list of things I want to do!

1. Pack a picnic (and a couple bottles of Prosecco) and attend the Summer classics in the park with Liverpool Philharmonic

2. Take a trip on the 'duck'. Hope it doesn't sink this time!

3. Get back into more strenuous yoga…post natal yoga just doesn't cut it anymore!

4. Host a cocktail and games night before we say farewell to our home

5. Take long walks around the countryside

6. Become more adventurous with my camera settings!

7. Take Ralph to a castle…not sure if they have many of those in OZ!

8. Attend the jazz night at the teeny pub near Hope street on a Sunday evening.

9. Make sure I squeeze in as many dates with my girlies as possible

What would be on your Summer 'to do' list?




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