Bits from my Internet absence

Sitting down to write again after having no access to the online world is proving harder then I thought. I've typed thoughts….then deleted them, then began to type them again…you don't really want to know the ins and outs of the past few weeks (but just incase you do most days have involved some sort of moving across the world dilemma!)

The job is nearly done, we visited the recycling centre approx a squillion times and the removal team are booked for Wednesday to ship the stuff we can't bear to part with all the way to OZ.

Stressed? Me? Hmmmmmm…..all I can say is thank goodness for my iPhone snaps otherwise I would have believed I had been trapped in a cardboard jumbled nightmare for the past three weeks!!!!


^^^squeezing in a little 'me' time is essential for my sanity^^^

^^^Ralph working on his sunshine look^^^

^^^the little fella is getting to grips with sitting up!!^^^

^^^celebrating Big D's birthday with close friends and one to many bottles of fizz^^^

^^^we spent a weekend with grandpa and his guitar in Scotland; Ralph was mesmerised^^^

^^^strolling through the Scottish countryside and we bumped into these lovely ladies^^^
^^^yep grandpa really did have us trekking through the wilderness^^^

^^^playdate with the gorgoeus baby Amber and her scrummy mummy^^^

^^^my little monster has started to smile (we're working on the giggles!!)

See you very soon (for much more regular posts I promise!!)



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