Goodbye Our Pad

So, yesterday was the day when two lovely removal chaps came to our home and packed up all our worldly belongings including the 37 pairs of shoes that I deemed essential for Australia! But there was one thing that wouldn't be coming with and that's our dear pooch Paddy. It was a hard decision to make but we are very happy to say that Paddy has settled in with his new family (thank you to Big D's pops for taking care of him for us!)

It's been nearly three 'Paddy free' weeks and we still talk about him nearly every day; it's true what they say a dog really is your best friend! Paddy is quite simply the most awesome dog in the world, even when he was at his most mischievous (and if you've ever read or watched Marley & Me you will understand how much of a handful labroadours can be!)

Here are a few snaps of our last weekend with 'Our Paddy Star.'

^^^paddy's two favourite things^^^
^^^looking woofilicious^^^
^^^too many fabulous smells…so little time!^^^
^^^a new BFF?!^^^
^^^cooling off!^^^




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