Just the two of us

Last week was the first time me and Big D had spent apart in a very long time. I'm currently house sitting for my mum for three weeks and Big D is staying in Liverpool to work and joining Ralph and I at the weekends. At first I was feeling really rather worried about being alone with the little man for such a long period of time, what if I couldn't cope and rang Big D in tears every evening? Would I have time for me? Would I turn out to be a bad mama? How the flip do single parents cope?!…..

Looking back on our first week it was silly of me to be so worried about being a solo mama! All my anxiety has vanished and it's hard to find the words but I guess I just feel really calm and happy.

It was tough at times but being on my own has made me feel so much more confident about my own ability as a mama and I just took each day as it came spending most of it playing with Ralph, watching him explore and push his own development a little bit more each day. (He's now found his toes which creates hours of amusement for him!)

But come Friday I was so happy to have Big D by my side again (maybe more so because I would be able to have a little snooze on Saturday whilst my two favourite chaps kept each other amused!) I just wish the weekends could last that little bit longer…..





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