Feeling blue

Sometimes life just feels a little bit too blurgh to jot down and tell all about, but then isn't that what blogging is all about? Writing about daily life? The ups and downs, the fun and not so glam, even the boring stuff like how much my arms ache after waving them around like crazy following the Tracy Anderson mat method!!

It's been a hard few weeks and I'm not sure if my hormones are having a big part to play in this, or it's Ralph still not sleeping through the night, or feeling crazily unsettled because we've been living out of suitcases between parents houses for a couple of months, but I just feel down at a time when I should be feeling so joyous and to write so honestly about how I'm feeling is a bit daunting.

I bottle things up, pretend everything is okay and then find myself sobbing my heart out to my bestie in the middle of Waterstones for no apparent reason (other than to frighten small children!) I'm not sure why, maybe I've been putting too much pressure on myself to be the perfect mama, maybe it's PND, maybe I just needed a good nights sleep…..

But waking up to the 1st September knowing its our last month living in the UK has left me with butterflies in my stomach. I want to remember so much about home, so I've set myself a little challenge and that's to try and blog every single day of this month no matter how I'm feeling! I want to share my experience because you know what new mama's it's okay to have crap days- no one is perfect. (Well, except Ryan Gosling but he's a guy so doesn't really count when talking about mama-hood!!!)




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