Yum yum in Ralph’s tum

A happy chappy enjoying breakfast!

We starting the weaning process a couple of weeks ahead of the little mans 6 month milestone and he seems to be thoroughly enjoying this exciting stage almost as much as me!

I was so conscious of waiting until he was 6 months old before I introduced anything other than milk that I nearly missed his sensitivity period altogether! For most part I've been what you would call 'winging it' and hoping for the best as I've found so many 'information' books/web sites and forums on parenthood so stuffy and rigid. I mean whatever happened to something called instinct? We decided against using bulking up foods like baby rice, instead Ralph's first dabble into food was a mashed up banana which he couldn't get enough of- forget about him just trying one or two spoonfuls he nearly ate the whole thing!

Thank you to my dear friends who took the time to send beautiful messages of encouragement after my post yesterday. I was so touched by you all (and yes I did sob whilst reading them)!!

Happy Monday xx



One thought on “Yum yum in Ralph’s tum

  1. He is growing up so fast he’s a hungry baby. Try porridge and give him 3 mini meals a day he will settle down into a routine and sleep better for you. Good luck hun Xx

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