Under a spell

No I haven't turned to witch craft, I'm talking about the foot treatment at Lush!

When I was asked a couple of Sundays ago if i fancied a morning pampering followed by lunch with a couple of girlfriends I was already out the door! When it comes to some relaxation time this vogue mama doesn't need asking twice!!

I was booked in for 'The Spell'; a mind cleansing foot treatment allowing you to move forward with joy, understanding and courage and all I can say is wow, this treatment packs a punch! It was such a euphoric experience, I walked out feeling so high and trippy! (But in a good way!)

^^^the Lush products used – the volcano foot mask is super^^^

I guess you're wondering what on earth happened in those 60 minutes? Well here it is in a nutshell:

We are all aware that emotions can stay stored in your body, and just as your mother used to say 'a problem shared is a problem halved.' Thankfully you don't need to spill your heart out to the therapist because before entering the treatment room you are left alone for a few minutes to write your worry onto some parchment before it is set alight in front of you, and as simple as that your worry is up in smoke!

^^^see you later worries!!!^^^

Your tootsies are treated to some TLC with some fab smelling lush products before the rest of you is wrapped up in blankets with a lovely warm stone placed onto your tummy chakra (the solar plexus). The therapist treats your body with reflexology and enhances your trance like state (which you will feel) with an awesome scalp massage before bringing you back round to earth with a delicious brew of lemongrass, mint and lemon….even just writing about it is making me want to go back!

^^^a fab mantra^^^^

If you're feeling stressed…..go!

If you've got a big life changing event coming up….go!

If you just need some you time to let your mind wander….go!

It was quite simply fab!

Thank you Lush





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