Excited is not the word!

In only 2 more sleeps I get to be reunited with some of the best girls on the planet, FACT!! (And it's only taking me moving to another continent to bring us all back together, all weekend long….yeehaa!!)

It seems like only yesterday when we all met working in Ibiza (ah the good old days of being an Ibiza Angel…) and instantly became life long friends. I can't believe it was way back in 2008, and the only thing on our minds back then were parties, which beach to hit to top up our tans and causing mischief…how things have changed, who would have thought two of us would be mama's with gorgeous boys?!

We saw each other through it all- tears, tantrums, heartache, laughter, the mornings after the night before…the best memories were made with these girls and I so can't wait for a jolly good catch up- it's been too long!




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