Leaving party

What a ridiculously fabulous weekend!


Not only did i get to spend a whole weekend with the besties (which is a complete rareity considering we all live so far away from eachother) Big D, Ralph and I had our leaving party on the Saturday and we had so much fun (after all the bbq prep was done – I never want to see a vegetable kebab again!!)

^^^Breakfast with the girls^^^
^^^i think one of the only pics with us all together^^^

We danced to a soundtrack of disco vibes, drank Prosecco, bbq'd in the rain, cuddled all our friends and family lots, ran around the place with bows in our hair ala Ibiza 2008 and ate the most fabulous cakes courtesy of Caz!

The only downside was that I didn't take enough photos…that always happens-I get too excited and distracted and before you know it the night is over and you are photo less…here's hoping my darling friends were feeling snap happy (hint, hint!)

^^^party hats & banners= very happy people^^^
^^^Mr Ralph loves the disco balls^^^
^^^the yummiest macaroons ever^^^
^^^HEAVEN- if you want a cake tower of your own, or just a fabulous cake you can contact the fabulous baker here^^^


Thank you to all our friends and family for sharing that night with us, we will never forget it.





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