Our last weekend in Liverpool. Ever!

*This post was all set for Monday but who knew how difficult it would be packing for three!!!

I love the variety of food places you can find in Liverpool if you scratch below the surface (and bypass all the chains dotted around Liverpool One). The place is filled with amazing independent restaurants and new joints seem to be popping up left, right and centre. So it seemed only right to kick off our finale weekend here on Friday night.

^^^Nolita Cantina, Bold Street^^^

It's been open for a wee while now but I much prefer to try out places once all the hoo haa has died down. If you love a big ass meaty burger this is the place for you! I was there with a lot of Big D's chums, so a lot of food was ordered! The guys ate 'burnt ends' washed down with beer whilst browsing the menu and we decided on the sharing platters for the table as everything on the menu sounded yum! The frickles were a hit (deep fried pickles).

I ordered the bacon and blue burger served with slaw and sweet potato fries-what a burger! Of course I ate it all because you know, I was with the guys! The only flaw with my burger was that it fell to bits so I had to eat it with a knife and fork, not cool.

^^^a whole hunk of meat!^^^

On Saturday, we headed over to a good old favourite of mine, Host. A lovely pan Asian restaurant based on Hope street to meet the rest of the gang and a lamb banana! (It's a Liverpool thang)


Feeling slightly delicate from the night before I sipped on Thai lemonade before settling on the duck & watermelon salad and prawn & mango rice rolls.

After our tums were filled, we strolled across the city in the September sunshine and slurped on G&Ts in the Kazimer Gardens…..

I wish the food story ended there (goodbye all fitness hard work!) but we also managed to squeeze in a pancake breakfast and a Sunday supper with my pops and family amidst all the farewell tears!





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