See ya later blighty

^^^good morning from Singapore!!^^^

Im currently somewhere in the sky (my last check was India) and this is the first opportunity I've had to take a breath and reflect. The pain I felt over saying goodbye to my loved ones has numbing but I know it will ease over time. It's time to start a fresh, welcome what Oz has to offer with open arms and with big smiles on our faces.

Travel update so far:

I'm rubbish at packing (we had to buy an extra 2 cases for the trip)!

Traveling with a baby is a whole different ball game -talk about having our hands full!

Ralph loves planes. So much so he stayed awake nearly the whole first leg!

Talking of which, Ralph is an old person magnet-they just can't help but have a good old chat with the little fella on the plane.

We've landed in Singapore and are kicking ourselves we didn't plan a stay over!

Ps Singapore airlines are super family friendly- ooooh I never thought I would utter the words 'family friendly!'

Gotta dash, I need to find a decent coffee before the next flight.






One thought on “See ya later blighty

  1. Ahh glad you had safe flight and little Ralphi was a good boy chatting the ladies up. Miss u all already give Ralph a kiss from us xxxx

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