G’Day Perth!

Hello from Perth!

Well, we've just enjoyed our first weekend in our new city with our darling friends, Makeila & Danny who have ever so kindly offered to look after us and have opened up their home whilst we find our feet!

So far jet lag hasn't come a knocking (maybe its all the excitement of being in oz at last) and we've managed to cram in quite a lot. As well as catching up, we've cruised along the costal drive starting at Hillarys and driving down to Cottesloe, strolled around a few suburbs trying to get a feel for the place, drank a lot of Aussie wine, bbq'd, ate kangaroo burgers!!, and took in the sights of the city at the viewing platforms over at Kings Park.

And wow, what a beautiful city, we're going to take a bus ride into the city tomorrow to do plenty more exploring!






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