A few hours in Freemantle

We needed a break from car/job/ house hunting so we took a 'day off', hopped into the rental and cruised south to Freemantle (or Freo if you're an Aussie) but before I tell you all about it that this is how we've been starting our days lately….



Now, back to Freemantle. A little hub of a place which was founded in 1829, built by convicts and at some point had a problem with those pesky swash buckling pirates (all that info I got from the maritime museum which you can find in Freemantle.)

As soon as we saw the little city we fell in love with the laid back charm of the place. Everywhere you look there are little restaurants, cafes and quirky shops nestled amongst the history of this diverse and bustling little port!

It's such a beautiful and cosmopolitan place made even better by the fact that you can wander down the streets that have remained virtually unchanged since the mid 19th century. (They reminded Big D of a movie set they were that lovely!)

We spent the day enjoying some sunshine (the weather has been crap lately), drinking coffee down cappuchino strip and wandering in and out of some pretty amazing historical buildings. Here are a few snaps from my iPhone as I forgot to pack my camera.

^^^the town hall^^^

^^^the roundhouse tunnel, which was dug out for whaling business^^^
^^^bathers beach^^^
^^^theres a brewery too^^^
^^^ our first kangaroo sighting^^^
^^^ there's lots of arty bits and bobs^^^
I hope you are all having a joyful weekend with your loved ones xxx




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