Last week in (mostly) pictures

Uh oh… The bikers are back, which means Big D & I are yet again hooked on all things SAMCRO (read: when I should have been updating my blog…tut tut!) Sons of Anarchy Season 6…oh my what an absolute treat in leather vests you are!

But let's get back to what's been happening in mama loves vogue's life!

This was the week that after nearly a glorious month of us being together all day every day the time came for Big D to get back to work but not before we ventured to Swan Valley to sample some locally produced wine….

^^there's a bush fire in the distance^^^
^^^sipping wine, eating cheese in a shed^^^
^^^vines as far the eye can see make up the very beautiful Swan Valley^^^
It wasn't until Big D took me East of Perth for a wander down the sacred dreaming path which hugs the Swan river did I realise how compact the city was!
I still can't believe we are living our dream that we have had for so long; walks along the beach are just divine. I don't think they will ever become dull!!
^^^Big D shark spotting maybe?^^^

This was also the week that Ralph had his first splash in something other than bath water…



I normally don't write about stuff like this but I came across the following quote and I just can't get it out of my head…”Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today” and I guess it sums up exactly how i'm currently feeling.
It's been a tip top week down under for me and my men but the thing I love the most is snuggling into bed with Ralph wrapped around my neck (I tell you he must have been a koala bear in a past life) and Big D close by feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.
Hope you are all having a blissful weekend.



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