Vogue mama & wine

When in Australia do as the Australians do and drink wine, really good wine and that's exactly what we did at the 'Unwined' weekend event over in Subiaco.

A weekend where wine merchants from all over WA happily poured you glass after glass of their best wine for you to taste whilst filling you with more knowledge than my fuzzy wine brain could remember.

Big D, Ralph and I arrived around midday and within seconds I had managed to sniff out some of the tastiest fudge by Gidge Gourmet and the lovely ladies where more than happy for me to try every single flavour….once or twice.

^^^yum yum,even the chilli-chocolate was delish^^^

We spent our afternoon wandering aimlessly around sipping whites, reds and rose in a bid to find the 'one' which I never did, probably had something to do with sampling nearly every wine on offer and forgetting which one I liked the best in the time it took me to get to the next stall…

And when all the wine sampling and sunshine got too much we simply chilled out in the shade and nibbled our way through what the food stalls had to offer, whilst Ralph enjoyed a whole loada play time.

^^^I swear he's getting cuter by the day!^^^
We ate mini sharing platters and ginormous 'snags' covered in Parmesan and pulled pork. I didn't have any more room left to sample the yummy looking Paella but I did manage to devour my favourite, Peanut Butter icecream from this amazing little icecream van!

All in all a fabulous October day, and a Happy Halloween to y'all xx





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