Ralph’s got teeth!

We've had a low key kinda few days here, mainly due to the insane process of house hunting (yep, we're still looking!) I'm just hoping something goes our way soon as it's starting to feel like we are swimming against the tide.

Jeez, it's been tough, really tough going lately, so you can imagine my joy when Ralph protruded not one, not two, not three but four of his bottom baby teeth all within a week without hardly a fuss at all. At nearly 8 months old I was starting to wonder if he was destined to be toothless forever!

The little dude of ours makes my day! I would love to share a snap but trying to get a picture of his gorgeous, gummy smile is impossible.

Yesterday was so incredibly humid we were happy to stay indoors and build towers (me) whilst Ralph happily knocked them down in a near naked state all day and its still only Spring! I can't even begin to imagine my first hot Christmas. Oh dear I've mentioned the c-word and its only the start of November, I best stop now!




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