Pictures from Beaufort Street festival

Whoops…a belated post (in mostly pictures) about a fabulous day spent at the Beaufort Street festival. I was so excited to get home and write down all the super things we saw that day but I think I was suffering from a wee bit of sun stroke (it was somewhere in the high 30s!) and crashed as soon as we walked through the door, so I hope the pics give you a little taste of all the fun that was had last Saturday.

It was everything I love in a weekend: Ice-cream, creativity, and dressed up pooches…enough said really!


Everyone was taking snaps of the action….

Caution: dinosaurs crossing….

And of course there was food (and some pretty awaesome sounding cocktails for those that were childless) which you could enjoy whilst burning the calories cycling at a table…

As always we sniffed out the ice cream. Which by the way Big D announced as the most amazing salted caramel icecream ever- bold statement I know! Those living in Perth can judge for yourself if you wander on down to Rochelle Adonis (sorry for those that don't but you will just have to take his word for it!)

We ate our icecream as the little fella climbed over everything (his new found skill!)

But the best part of the day were these chaps for sure….

Until next year!



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