That Christmas feeling

It's December 3 and my Christmas-o-meter has been hanging steady around the zilch mark. By now my cook books would be at the ready, my famous cranberry and apple chutney would be made ready to give out as gifts (sorry pops!) we would have watched at least 3 Christmas movies, ate way too many chocolates and probably had one or two snowballs for good measure. But all of the above just doesn't feel right when the sun is shining….or when you see Santa wearing a t-shirt!

Normally I would just let this Christmas come and go without a fuss, but its Ralph's first and my sister and her chap are visiting, so in my quest to kick start that Christmas feeling I turned to good ol' YouTube and have been watching the M&S and John Lewis Christmas ads on rotation for the past half hour…and you know I think it may have worked! My favourite this year is M&S! Gotta love a bit of RHW.

Anyway here's what else me and my awesome dudes have been up too these past couple of days:

And if any of my readers from sunnier climates want to share how they get festive I would love to hear from you.




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