The best bits of a 9 month old Ralph

It's so crazy to think that 9 months ago you were still inside me, showing no signs that you were ready to make your appearance.

^^^Around 12 hours after this snap was taken you were in my arms….^^^

You've now spent 1/3 of your little life living in Australia and next week you are going to have your very own bedroom at last. We're not too sure that co-sleeping is working for us as a family- you have definitely inherited my light sleeping genes- I'm one super tired mama!

You have changed so much, more so in the past month than ever before. It seems like after every nap time you've grown that little bit longer, your chubby thighs are a little bigger and more hair keeps appearing on that head of yours, I'm sure I can spot some blonde curls forming too.

It was around three weeks ago that you figured out how to crawl, now there is no stopping you! You prefer to scoot around on two hands, one knee and a leg in a frogs leg position; it looks like hard work but hey you'll get there eventually.

You have four teeth (all at the bottom) and you are not afraid to use them- you bite away at everything in sight like a crazy zombie baby, which can be a little worrying as you are still breast fed! Boy do you love food, in between crawling and eating there isn't much time for anything else. You love feeding yourself and I think if it was up to you, you would be quite happy to chomp away on just bananas….and sand!

You normally wake up anytime between 5am and 7am either by pulling my hair if I'm asleep or we will have a morning giggle to start the day if I'm awake. You still have two naps in the day time, but you hate going to sleep at night, even when you're exhausted! (I currently leave that job to papa!) You love to sleep on your tummy in a yoga like child pose or wrapped around a pillow, but more recently you have been cuddling up to papa in the night, nuzzling your little head into him.

You are a little ball of energy, which can be exhausting at times and you like to have everything that I have (even my morning cup of tea, so I've given you your own cup and you seem pretty happy drinking nothingness out of that!)

We spend our days at the beach taking little steps into the ocean with the occasional splash around if you are feeling brave, going to the park and swinging on the swings, chasing balls, opening and closing cupboards, building towers, putting everything in your mouth for a taste (inbetween running the occasional mummy errand.) You don't have a favourite toy, probably because at the rate I lose them but you do love to play with Sophie the Giraffe and Mr Stripes.

You are a little chatter box and will chat away to anyone that catches your eye, even if your vocabularly is limited to 'bah', 'yah' and 'gah'… (pretty impressive stuff right there!)

When people meet you they are still torn as to who you look like the most, I think you turning into a perfect mix of both mama and papa 🙂 Every day you make us laugh, you amaze us with how fast you are growing and how quickly you learn things. Im not saying its all hunkeydory happiness because there are days when I wish it could be your bedtime at midday, but you forget all blahness in the end.

Ralph you are our little dude and we love you so much (even when you wake up every couple of hours during the night!)




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