Ramblings of a frazzled mama

December, you hurled everything you had at me and by some incredible miracle I'm still standing, all be a little bit wobbly but still standing none the less!

In a nutshell we moved into our place 9 days before christmas, (i wouldn't recommend it, totally screwed my christmas tradition schedule!) unpacked just in time to be reunited with my little sister after far too long on separate continents, and then we had christmas to handle and not just any Christmas it was Ralph's first christmas and it was going to be ace! (Even if we hadn't done any Christmas shopping and I was dashing around the supermarket on Christmas Eve; which was nowhere near as bad as it is back in the UK by the way!)

^^^some snaps from Christmas Day, thanks sis for taking most of them^^^

I can't quite remember where I saw this 'feeling list' first, but I liked it so here is what has been happening, what will be happening and what I hope to be happening as I say a big hello to 2014….

Making: my New Years resolution list

Cooking: All the food over Christmas-blah! The stress was too much, I won't be making that mistake again; deffo dining out next December 25th!

Drinking: Prossecco. Standard.

Reading: How the Grinch stole christmas. Progress is slow as Ralph is only interested in sucking the pages. (We've been on page 5 for three evenings.)

Wanting: lots more artwork from society 6 to fill our home with.

Looking: forward to spending the next few weeks with my sister, Carly before she jets off again.

Playing: not much. We have a stack of board games that have been left untouched because we have all been pooped come evening. (But I will be playing pictionary his evening!)

Wishing: you all a fabulous new year!

Enjoying: Christmas breakfast on the beach was fab, especially when we spotted Santa surfing some morning waves. Deffo a new tradition established.

Waiting: for the night that Ralph sleeps until the morning (I may be waiting quite sometime!)

Liking: waking up to sunshiny days in our own bed in our own home. Can't wait to post about it, I can't decide which room is my favourite.

Wondering: what 2014 has in store for us trio?

Loving: liquorice icecream…sooooo good!

Marvelling: at Ralph, it's a daily obsession, even when I'm desperate for a break! He's currently at the stage of only being happy when clinging around my neck….please tell me this passes!?

Laughing: at how awful our Christmas tree was this year (lesson learned: it won't be picked in the middle of the night next time!)

Needing: to book tickets for WASO. Listening to classical music as the sun was setting was delish and would love to go see the orchestra again.

Smelling: of Chanel. I have been wearing the same scent for ages but if it ain't broke and all that…

Wearing: my disco bracelet. Thank you Nicole.

Noticing: that Big D and I are well over due a date night

Knowing: that whatever we do for new year it won't be the same without all our close friends to celebrate with.

Thinking: I need to dig my montessori books out again, boy does Ralph learn fast!

Bookmarking: clean recipes ala Gwyneth. Hello January detox!

Feeling: frazzled….







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