new year: it’s all about me!

Well hello 2014 how I've been looking forward to seeing you. Not that 2013 was bad, it was the opposite . It was great and full of change which was probably why I decided to start mama loves vogue. I wanted to remember every experience, every up and down, every emotion so that I could look back and read old posts in years to come and see how much I've changed and grown (for the better, hopefully!) I'm so greatful that you take the time to read my ramblings and show me support via your comments, they truly make me smile.

My goals for 2014? To work on me. I love being a mama and Ralph rocks my world but I need to find my 'me' time again. My first 'me' time goal is that I really want to learn to paddle board but I'm going to have to get over my great white shark fear first. Does that count as two resolutions? I hope so, because I broke one already today by slurping my way through the most delicious Spanish hot chocolate I have ever tasted. Damn you clean eating resolution, what was I thinking?!

I hope Big D and I can laugh together every day and go on more frequent dates. I hope to stay in touch with all my UK friends and eventually get round to using my airmail paper to write long letters… i hope to make new friends here in Australia. I hope that each day will be more happy and fun then the last and that Ralph never stops being the utter dude that he's growing to be.

To a fabulous new year!








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