Sisterly love

Three weeks seems like a long time on paper but in reality three weeks is no time at all. I'm getting ready to say goodbye to my little sister this afternoon knowing that I'm not going to see her again for a very long time. Growing up, we would be the best of friends then worst enemies then back to friends again in a matter of seconds, but now, as adults we can happily spend all day pottering around together, laughing and teasing each other in a way that only sisters can do.

We've had endless fun and giggles during beach trips and card games, playing evening games of articulate and cluedo, falling asleep during nearly every movie we've tried to watch, day trips around my new home city, beach side lunches and BBQ dinners, pedicures and haircuts, chilli chocolate, churros and cake. But most of all, Ralph has loved having his aunt come to life in 3D (he's only ever seen her on screen previous) and i've simply loved having my sister close by I'm going to miss her so much!

So long little sis, thanks for an amazing three weeks. The next time I will be seeing you a whole new crazy chapter would have begun in your life. Safe travels!




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