328 days later…

…We got a good nights sleep!! Hurrah he did it, for the first time Ralph slept from 7:15pm all the way until 5:20 this morning- a full 10 hours snooze for the little man and I'm smiling from ear to ear, hopping around in a 'I can do anything, i've had a full night sleep too' kinda way! (Not like a crazy woman at all!)

This momentous news needed a post all to itself because right now it's the best news ever! We never thought this day would come; we really had given up going to bed every night hoping/wishing/ begging that this would be THE night. Instead I had admitted defeat to crap sleep a most-of-the-time cranky Ralph and forever having puffy eyes….

^^^Ralph, in celebration threw all his balls across the house^^^

Now I'm just hoping its the start of things to come and not some fluke caused by all the fun that we had splashing around at Bayswater pool yesterday. Shall keep you posted!

ps: just in case it is a cruel fluke I would love to hear any tips you may have on getting little ones to sleep better at night.

Happy Friday everyone! (Even more so in Australia as it's a long weekend due to Australia day on Sunday!)



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