I’m back. thank you coffee

Well, what a difference a week makes! It's safe to say the euphoria of Ralph sleeping through has vanished as Ralph-I-don't-need-no-sleep is back with a vengeance…..where does that leave me? Bloody exhausted! I'm talking you better put match sticks in my eyes because they're not gonna stay open on their own, tired…

Days have merged into one another and every time I've had a chance to write I've either hit a block or I've tapped away on the keyboard only to press delete as soon as I've read the dribble that's been written, or I was wiped out/ high from two strong painkillers (a long story!)

But alas, it's a new week of a new month and I've just had a coffee so i'm feeling super 🙂

I compiled one of these lists over Christmas and reading back, I love how it summed up my mood for the month so here is my feeling list for February.

Making: footprints out of flour, salt and water with my new mummy friends (our babes, not ours!)

Cooking: everything from Gwyneths 'it's all good' cookbook. Even Big D is loving it (and that's saying a lot about a guy born and bred in Liverpool!) it's probably the most used book in our kitchen currently.

drinking: coffee….(decaf, but I'm sure there is a teeny bit of caffeine lurking in there somewhere!)

reading: anything I can get my hands on that will give me the answer on how to get Ralph sleeping well

wanting: see above; funny enough it was the same wish last month…..

looking: for a new hat. A hole has appeared in my favourite sun hat so I'm off to the Subiaco station markets on Friday to buy me a newbie.

Playing: massive attack, and lots of it.

wishing: that my little bro has a speedy recovery after another heart op

Enjoying: making new friends

waiting: for my tomato & chilli plants to ripen. I planted a heap of herbs and plants around the garden and so far all are looking good (which is a miracle, normally I've the hand of death when it comes to plants)

liking: Ralph's new havaianas. They have Mickey Mouse on them. They are awesome.

wondering: exactly how cold does it get in Perth during the winter?!

loving: cauliflower. Who knew that it could taste so good?! I made this last week and both Big D and I loved it!

marvelling: at just how much goes on in Perth during the summer. I really am falling in love with the place.

Laughing: with the ladies from 'The Fabulous ladies wine society.' It's a new group I joined and it was great to meet some of them on Sunday at the sunset wine event.

needing: to get my ass into gear and get back to yoga, pronto.

smelling: sea air in the morning. Quite possibly my favourite smell (after coffee!)

Wearing: my new dress from Big D. Who new a dress with pom poms on would attract so many compliments?

Knowing: That I have to pull something awesome out of the bag this Valentines. I've not been an easy mama to be around, but even during my dark days Big D still manages to make me laugh.

thinking: about the little mans first birthday next month, wow! Can you believe he's going to be one already!

Bookmarking: a lot on Pinterest! Ideas for birthday, bedrooms, decor, you name it I'm probably pinning it

Feeling: slightly better now I've finished this post 🙂



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