Those first steps

Hello friends! It's been one of those long weeks were everytime I've sat down to catch up something else has cropped up like eeerrrrmmmm finally getting round to watching the final season of Breaking Bad, or the new season of Suits which Big D and I love, (Harvey is one cool cucumber isn't he?!?) But mostly my little chap who has been going through so many developments he's currently binned his normal snooze in the day (my prime blogging time!) for more important stuff like chatting away and saying mamamamamamama, (not sure that counts as his first word?) trashing everything in sight, emptying washer machines and cupboards and walking!

Yep master Ralph has sussed it (he took his first solo steps on Valentines day; i couldnt have asked for a better gift really) and is now cruising around on his two, very cute feet, wobbling around looking like a drunken cowboy with a look of pure joy upon his face.

^^^a happy Ralph photo because getting a video of him walking is currently impossible^^^

He's still loving pushing his walker to get around, or holding on to mine or papas hand for assistance. Infact he will happily grab onto any hand he can including the doctors and random mamas at playgroup if it means he can show off his new found skills, mainly going round in circles and walking backwards are his faves!

However when we've tried to catch these moments on film he's made a bee line to block the camera. Boo!! maybe he's just camera shy…(but i was still impressed with his great hand eye co-ordination for nearly getting the cap onto the lens!)



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