Our first Autumn Weekend

…If you can call it that! It's hard to believe that we're now officially in the Autumn season considering the (still hot!) weekend we've just had.

Our long weekend thanks to Labour Day (hurrah for public holidays) consisted of hitting the beach, a BBQ with friends (Big D was still complaining about his sore legs the next day after butt bombing into the pool) the Hyde park fete and stumbling across an awesome array of Vintage cars, the biggest most itchiness Mosquito bites and of course the obligatory DIY job (it's the law to at least attempt some DIY; in our case Big D assembled our new day bed for the guest room.) At last we are getting round to doing some jobs around the house, which is all my fault really because I would rather we have family adventures with our weekend time even though it kills me that there is still so much that needs to be done around the place. I will get round to posting a home tour sometime this year!

As usual I only had my iPhone with me to take snaps.

^^^my dudes having a good old splash around^^^

^^^Ralph wasn't too keen over this water sport^^^



^^^the detail that went into these cars was breathtaking^^^

^^^And when the sun got too much we chilled out under this bad boy^^^

And now it Tuesday, why do long weekend have to fly by so quickly?




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