You are very nearly one

I'm going to start this post at the end of a great weekend.

Ralph, tomorrow you will be one! Our darling boy, where has the time gone? You will no longer be a baby, you will be a toddler exploring the world on your teeny chubby feet, taking in the whole world and all it has to offer with your beautiful big blue eyes. This is the last picture we took of you fast asleep on your birthday eve….

We chose to spend your 365th night away from home and booked ourselves into a hotel in Bunbury to celebrate this super occasion, not that you will remember any of it but we're pretty happy to spend the night overlooking the golf course and looking up at the stars 🙂

^^^a room with a view^^^
As I was writing this post your papa was playing with you in the pool and videoing you as he dunked you under the water; and by the sounds of it you weren't too keen on his game! So for now I'm going to stop writing and enjoy your last few hours of baby hood.

Time really is the most precious gift!




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