Birthday weekend part one

Would you believe after months of crazy high temperatures and the bluest of blue skies on the morning of Ralph's birthday we woke up to grey skies, a wind that was going to cause my balloon decorating skills serious trouble and a definite chill in the air (still somewhere in the mid 20s though!) But hey, we're British as if a little crappy weather would stop us from having his party outdoors by the beach.

Once Ralph was dressed in his birthday tux, and the breakfast was all set out we were good to go celebrate…



…as long as we kept Ralph away from the croissants before the guests arrived!


I had been feeling really low in the days leading up to the weekend, probably due to our family and oldest, closest friends being in the UK unable to celebrate Ralph's first birthday with us; it's times like these I do miss home but our new friends we have met here in OZ really did help make Ralphs day a success.

^^^Ralph was put in charge of handing out crayons for the picture drawing^^^
^^^Home baked chocolate and beetroot cake^^^

A hit amongst the grown ups but my biggest critic Abi, 5, says there needs to be more chocolate next time. I shall be popping up the recipe soon.


^^^We hardly have any family shots but this one is just perfect.^^^

The day was simple and fun and relaxing and we loved every second of it, but my favourite part was the end when we waved farewell to some of Ralph's birthday balloons and each of us made a wish for the little birthday boy who was worn out and happy to nap after all the fun.



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