The Birthday Road Trip

If you're a regular reader of this blog you will already know that we spent Ralph's actual birthday away from home at a hotel in Bunbury. There's something about hotel rooms and hotel breakfasts that make me seriously happy (I think it's the fact that I don't need to make the bed when I wake up and someone else has made my breakfast!)

I can't believe it was our first trip out of the Perth area but when you have the beach on your doorstep the weekends spent at them always feel like a little break…but anyway back to our road trip to Bunbury. We are a very last minute couple (should read disorganised) so after we packed way too much into the car on Sunday morning we were off. A 400km round trip, which we managed to get away with by timing the driving into Ralph's nap time (genius I know.) First stop at Big Ds request was to go see the Thrombolites by Lake Clifton.

They are not rocks, they are microbial communities that photosynthesise and are about 2000 years old, and can only be found in WA and a couple of other places in the world; I thought it was pretty cool.

Second stop at my request was the winery opposite the lake were we both had a cider and Ralph stretched his legs by running into some little boys football game.

^^^Ralph spotted a ball; the end of lunch for him!^^^

Third stop the Sanctuary resort hotel.


All we had planned once we got to the hotel was to chill out and have a swim in the pool and that's exactly what we did. We also planned on having a romantic congratulatory dinner once Ralph was in bed but the babysitter service didn't materialise so our date for two turned into three. And it was probably the fastest date on record as we ended up taking our food and wine back to the hotel room, putting the little man down to sleep and finishing our meal under the stars. Family life hey?

The next day we were up bright and early (is there any other way with a baby) to check out what Bunbury had to offer, turns out after you've spotted the dolphins you are pretty much done!

^^^the fins you want to see when at the beach^^^
^^^Not that Ralph was remotely interested in the dolphins, he had sand to try eat.^^^
But we were cool to wander the streets, take in the sights and drink coffee just being happy knowing that we made it through the first year! (Which people keep telling me is the toughest, I hope they are right!)

Happy Birthday Ralph, we love you.



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