sculpture by the sea

It’s been a busy old week with Big D’s close friend popping over for a surprise flash visit; equals I had my best tour guide hat on showing him as many of the sights I could. Unfortunately we never got round to showing George the sculpture by the sea exhibition at Cottesloe Beach. After dropping him at the airport Saturday morning that’s exactly where we went.

As always, we waited until the final exhibition days to get our asses down to marvel at some impressive work! I really wish I had gone at the start so I could go back again and again (especially to see some of the works at night) but I will just have to wait until next year.

I couldn’t choose which one was my favourite so I best show you the ones I snapped instead.

^^^’the green dream’. At night it twinkles with solar powered lights^^^

^^^’sea breeze’^^^


^^^’passage secret’. I think Ralph liked this one the best^^^

^^^’150 surfboard graveyard’^^^


^^^’permanent sunset’^^^

^^^’wave 1′. A wave of my childhood friend, Barbie^^^

^^^’prarie moon rising’^^^

^^^’bulk carrier’. I also heard many folk call it the ‘goon bag’^^^

^^^ ‘overconsumption.’ This was Big D’s favourite^^^


^^^’life reflection’ can you see us in the middle?^^^

^^^’once removed’^^^

^^^ ‘there’s many a slip’. a skeleton, riding a bike with a boulder on his back.^^^

I’m really loving Perth right now, there’s so much going on I just wish I was better organised so I could see it all!



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