My everyday week 30/03/2014

If I was in the UK we would be celebrating Mother’s Day today, but I’m not. We have to wait for the Mother’s Day that the Aussies celebrate which is sometime in May (i think.) and here’s me thinking I would get to celebrate twice (with gifts and champers on both days!) but Big D just laughed at the ludicrous idea and that was that. But it doesn’t stop me wishing all my fabulous UK friends with babes a glorious Mother’s Day (and since I’ve left there have been a lot of new additions!) or to my sister who is a mama-to-be and of course a very happy mother’s day to my very own mum and step mum Suzy.

Here’s whats been snapped in my life this week;

^^^lunch with a view at King’s park.^^^

^^^sound words of advice^^^

^^^getting caught in a downpour was really refreshing after our hot,hot summer^^^

^^^the tastiest raspberry muffin I’ve ever had^^^

^^^baking almond and maple syrup cookies^^^

^^^capturing a sunset^^^

^^^Ralph likes to throw balls out of the circus tent then collects them all back in (most of the time)^^^

^^^somebody found the sun cream^^^

^^^learning some skills from papa^^^

^^^strutting around the park^^^

^^^i’m on the hunt for some Buddha art and this caught my eye in Fremantle^^^


^^^the LUCKIEST box of eggs ever! All 10 eggs had a double yolk inside!^^^

^^^Ralph working on his hand/eye coordination with this toy. I love his sticky out tongue face when doing so!^^^

^^^another toilet roll meets Ralph^^^



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