Farewell March, hello Autumn boots.

Wow, can you believe we've been down under for six months already? Time has quite literraly flown and looking back at photos I'd say it looks like we've spent the majority of it at the beach. I've got to admit that I'm actually looking forward to the change of weather and seeing what Perth is like to live during the Autumn and Winter. (It has been a long hot summer even for a beach bum like me!) So autumn, so far so good and this is how I've been feeling during the past month.


Making myself super snugly by wearing a jumper (all be it a loose knit summer kinda one, but still, it's a jumper!) I've even put boots on me and socks on Ralph for the first time in a long time

Cooking the ultimate in yum food….turkey meatballs. My current favourite recipe uses fennel seeds. You can find it here

Drinking beetroot, carrot, ginger, lemon and apple juice. It's my daily morning pick me up

Reading The Love Letters of Great Women. One of my favourite night time reads

Wanting more time to spend together as a family. The weekends go by so fast don't you think?

Looking for bits and pieces of Ralph's toys is really starting to take over my life. Current favourite hiding places include the pantry and the laundry basket

Playing a lot of INXS. I was too young to really remember the phenomena, but after watching the show 'Never tear us apart' I've become a teeny bit hugely obsessed and have developed a strange crush on a dead man!

Wishing I could be back in the UK to support my sister during the later stage of her first pregnancy

Enjoying a little me time. Both of my chaps are currently having an afternoon doze and I'm actually getting sometime to myself

Waiting lists for playgroups. Yes that really does happen!!

Liking Autumn. (In Australia anyway) The temperature stays under 30 degrees and you can actually be outdoors without melting during the daytime

Wondering If I'm going to get that pesky speeding ticket (or by some miracle,not!)

Loving this blog. DIY heaven just in time for the winter. (Still feels weird living in the Southern Hemisphere!)

Marvelling at how little sleep I actually need now a days….

Laughing really is the best medicine

Needing to get over my obsession to hit farmers market at the weekend

Smelling probably not that great. I've just started Bikram yoga, who knew that elbows could sweat?!

Wearing a ridiculous spring time pink shade of nail polish on my nails (spaghetti strap by Essie)

Noticing that Ralph really loves being around other wee babes and it makes me feel a teeny bit guilty for not wanting any more children

Knowing how to gently wean Ralph from breasfeeding would be a great piece of information to know. We've cut of the day time feeds but he's not showing any signs of saying goodbye to the morning and evening feeds just yet

Thinking that sometimes I don't really like being a mama. Especially at 5am when I've been up 2/3 times already that night and the night before, and the one before that. Horrible thoughts to have and I really hate myself when I have them but I'm being honest (and I really hope that other mama's have those days too and Im not some evil person!)

Bookmarking holiday ideas for a getaway in August. I'm thinking Bali. If any of you guys have any recommendations I would love to hear them!

Feeling weird that I now consider 20 degrees to be chilly. What a wimp!



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