Our breastfeeding journey.

I wasn't expecting to feel so emotional when Ralph decided in the past week that he no longer wanted to be breastfed (he just stopped pulling my top one day which was his signal for boobies and that was that.)

I thought I would be overjoyed that he had ended our magical bond on his own, but if i'm honest it left me feeling a wee bit sad which was something I hadn't even of considered feeling.

Maybe it's my hormones adjusting, maybe it's the return of my period, maybe it's my body going back to its pre Ralph state, but no one really prepares you for when it's all over, like the past year and a half of pregnancy, birth and new mama hood never happened. I'm actually just back to being 'me' again and looking back, if I knew at the beginning what I would be feeling now I would have told myself the following:

1: no matter how much you try or wish, your life (or boobs) will never ever be the same again. But it's okay, your cool with that. Surprisingly you adapt really well to change.

2: stay away from the 'parents room' in department stores when baba needs a feed. I checked them out once in John Lewis and am haunted for life. Smelly, drab places that are always crowded and hot! Instead see note 3

3: no body bats an eyelid wherever you choose to feed, so don't worry about it. Even though the parents room sucked, the John Lewis cafe did good cake.

3: you will become a master at feeding in public without exposing yourself to the world. but in the mean time you can always stash a large muslin in your bag, you know, just incase.

4: newborns need feeding a lot and for long peroids, just enjoy those long feeds that happen in the first few weeks as baba gets the swing of things. It doesn't last, relax, read a book or catch up with the Girls series as its going to be a while before you can do either again

5: that little baba of yours is completely dependant on you, it's a scary feeling but it's okay to freak out about it from time to time. It's a normal feeling but….

6: ….no harm was done when you decide to express at two weeks so Big D can help out and bottle feed the milk monster.

7: that sickness you had when you thought you had given yourself food poisoning? it's mastitis go get yourself to the docs!

8: people can't help but give advice to new mothers, some more critical than others. Don't take it personally and especially dont get upset over it. You are doing just fine.

9: you never understood why people order decaf coffee that is until you stop breastfeeding and order a coffee that gives you a headache for days!

10: Buy some ridiculously beautiful nursing bras. A two pack from Marks and Spencer just doesn't cut it.




2 thoughts on “Our breastfeeding journey.

  1. Wow that would be young, but at the end of the day only you know what feels right for you and your baby. Times change and what was the done thing then may not be the thing to do know. There is so much information out there (and often it’s conflicting) I was so baffled. I scrapped it all, bit my tongue (lots) and just followed Ralph’s (my little mans lead). Good luck with your mama hood adventure xx

  2. I’m getting is much pressure from my mother in law to feed my daughter regular food (she is not even 4 months). I just want everyone to mind their own business and let me feed my kid 😉

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