My everyday week 17/04/2014

I'm really looking forward to the long Easter weekend holiday and here is why; eating chocolate Easter eggs before breakfast, Big D at home for 4 whole days, the Fremantle art festival, catching up with friends over a bottle of bubbles or two….but before all that here's what we've been up to this past week.





^^^ we spent Saturday wandering around Perth CBD enjoying watching street artists from across the globe leave their mark as part of PUBLIC:Art in the City^^^

^^^we found this little darling during our city wander^^^

^^^i think so too^^^

^^^Big D caught a mouse (That looks suspiciously like Ralph)

^^^we lunched (and did more wandering) in Northbridge.


^^^i say this a lot but I really think THIS is our last beach visit until next summer^^^

^^^in a hurry Easter treats. Big D isn't a fan of the nests made of shredded wheat so we used cornflakes. I think he is strange as you can't really call them Easter nests, more a cornflake cake which isn't eastery at all^^^

^^^this made me smile^^^

I hope you all have a beautiful Easter holiday. See you on the other side when I'll be vowing never to eat chocolate again…..xx



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