My not so everyday week 24/04/2013

Time has got the better of me AGAIN (it has a nasty habit of doing that lately) as i'm sat here writing about what we did over Easter nearly a week later which has left me wondering why do long weekends have to go so darn fast?! Sob, sob….


Ralph is still a teeny bit young to understand the whole Easter concept so we got away without making too much of a big deal, I'm not sure next year will be the same but after the initial horror at having to dress as a bunny the whole weekend he was cool.


I thought we would be feeling lonely being away from our family over the holiday but we ended up having a marvellous and busy break, which probably had something to do with being surrounded by new friends and all of the following in no particular order, chocolate eggs and a fruit egg for the little man (talk about double standards!) spending a morning watching the surfers at Trigg beach, bunny ears, dippy eggs & soldiers, decorating eggs, an egg hunt for the big man, an Easter Tonka truck (from the Easter bunny obviously!), champagne BBQ's, Hyde park hang outs…

^^^Easter chicks ready for action^^^

^^^Easter bunny in motion. He refused to wear his tail^^^
^^^a special delivery from the Easter bunny^^^
^^^ ummm not the most creative I'll admit^^^

Bikram yoga, messy leisurely breakfasts, a trip to Bunnings?!?!, gardening, Disney movies (whilst mama was yoga-ing), a trip to the Street Art Festival, leaving Fremantle markets with a HUGE oil painting of an Elephant, writing letters to my UK girls whilst watching season 3 of Girls, Game of Thrones!!!! and glasses of wine now and again… more now than again!

^^^replacing his bunny outfit with a dinosaur^^^
^^^enjoying the juggling show. I think. Well he did sit down for 2 minutes so I guess he did^^^
^^^this kid can sure whip away decorations^^^

There really is nothing like a long weekend to get you all disoriented and lose track of your days, well, except for another long weekend the week after 😉




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