Flu and infections, my two least favourite words.

I wanted the weekend to be full of interesting and fun adventures but instead I think it's around day six of poorlyness in our house (if thats even a word!)

I could be wrong, sleep deprivation has fogged my memory but at least I've managed to keep the germs at bay unlike my two chaps who are both full of a cold/sniffles/ man flu/ on deaths door…..and are steadily filling up the place with snotty tissues and on top of that Ralph has developed an ear infection, which coincides with a brand spanking new tooth. You can only imagine the drama! The poor boy does not like being unwell as it means he has to occasionaly sit still, snuggle and rest instead of causing little boy mayhem but you wouldn't have guessed it looking at this snap of Ralph yesterday afternoon chasing birds.

For my sanity I really hope his ear infection clears up soon, the poor little dude he so wants to be well. About 5 minutes after this photo was taken he was back to sore ear tugging sobs.




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