Checking In

Thank goodness we are seeing the back of the poorlyness plague that has been gracing our abode for far too long! It's been a week of staying home, staying warm, clearing out and organising every room and cupboard (much to Big D's annoyance) and dreaming of a more climate appropriate winter wardrobe. I ignored advice from my darling friend Makeila who told me how chilly the weather gets and ditched most of my winter wear, I was moving to OZ! I've seen enough episodes of Neighbours to know that Australians don't wear jumpers! Big mistake, no make that a huge mistake but at least Ralph is happy once more, fighting fit and rocking his body warmer conquering the tunnel whilst mama watches on freezing her ass off!

It may be cold but at least it's the weekend and that means it's my big 29 tomorrow and Big D is taking me on a loooonnnnngg over due date this evening-yey! Now to decide what to wear?!?!?

What are your weekend plans?




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