My everyday week 11/05/2014

My past week (and a bit) has looked something like this:

It began with turning 29 and a Spongebob Squarepants cake….

^^^followed by a surprise get together thanks to Big D and his mischievous ways^^^

^^^skull & boards^^^

^^^brunch over at East Perth. it was a quiet, lazy day until…^^^

^^^waiters & waitresses rushed by as part of the great waiter race 2014^^^

^^^Ralph loved the commotion^^^

^^^mini size snacks for little hands^^^

^^^something about this made me take a snap but I can't put my finger on what^^^

^^^i'm still spotting new things at King's Park^^^

^^^ the week of birthdays^^^

^^^working on Ralph's hand eye co-ordination with a home made toy (matchsticks and a wipe container)^^^

^^^a heart in my coffee! It made my rainy day^^^

^^^how Ralph deals with meal times; At break neck speed^^^

I shall be spending the day celebrating all my awesome 'motheriness' as its Mothering Sunday in Australia today. Enjoy your Sunday.




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